NEC Accessories

The PC Engine (and to some small extent the TurboGrafx and Turbo Duo) has an ocean of accessories available for it. Things like the multiplayer-enabling Turbo or DuoTap and MemoryBase units that were externally used rather than as a cart. Here is a sampling of what I have available.

Memory Base 128

(external memory unit)

JP Tennokoe Bank 2
RF unit
US Duo Tap
JP Duo Tap
Accessory pricing:
Boxed Loose
Memory Base 128 $15 -
Tennokoe Bank 2 $15 -
RF Unit $10 -
US Duo Tap $15 $8
JP Duo Tap $12 $8

Other accessories I may or may not have available:

US Turbo Booster ($27 shipped)

US Turbo Booster Plus ($35 shipped)