TurboGrafx/PC Engine Controllers

There were at least a dozen NEC brand controllers released, most sharing the exact same PCB internally and function externally. They are worlds more comfortable than the NES controller of the time and seem to last quite a long time.

All controllers I sell are fully tested and many are thoroughly cleaned and maybe even bleached clean. Especially helpful with the white controllers. For some controllers I have even attached a 10 ft cable! No more jerking the Turbo Duo around due to a 4 ft cord!

Prices do not include shipping, though any controller bought in addition to that supplied with a purchased system is shipped with no extra charge. Click any picture for a larger image. Also note that these pictures are representative. All controllers are in working and good cosmetic description. I may have a "special" controller though, such as one new in box. Please feel free to ask if you are interested in such items (which may be listed in the future as well).

PC Engine Duo pad
Turbo Duo pad
CoreGrafx/SuperGrafx pad
CoreGrafx II pad
(click for enlarged image)

Original PC Engine Pad (with 10ft cable!)=$14
PCE pad with Turbo (and 10ft cable)=$16

AvenuePad3 = $15
Boxed AvenuePad3 = $25

AvenuePad6 = $22
Boxed AvenuePad6 = $30

AvenuePad6 with 10 ft cable = $30
Blaster 3-button pad = $15