S-Video modification for Genesis/Sega CD systems

Ever seen the crap output Genesis and Sega CD systems have?  Unless you're using RGB, which if you're in the US, chances are you're not, you'll be treated to the beautiful blurring and washed out Rf or composite output from these systems.

Tired of bad images?  Get S-Video!  Nearly every TV made these days is S-Video compatible and the different is amazing!  Check out these comparisons, taken on an S-Video modded CDX (note that the pictures were taken with a 2.0 MegaPixel camera, not a screen capture device!  Meaning you will see more notable differences with your own eyes!).  Check out the pics of the modded CDX here.

This little circuit, modeled after the "Neo Geo AES" mod for S-Video, does the job for Genesis Model 1s, some Model 2s, and the CDX and X'Eye.


Note the reduced blurring in the text.  Also the sharper separation of the yellow and orange in the S.


Blurry vs Sharp.  Brightness is much more correct.


Wow!!  Ryu actually has curls in his hair!