Specializing in TurboGrafx, PC Engine, Neo Geo MVS and AES, Genesis, Sega CD, and Superguns/Arcade

What you'll find here is a what started as a TurboGrafx fanboy boy dream turned into a multi-system parade of projects. Everything from modifying systems for region-free play to adding S-Video to a Genesis to playing your arcade PCBs on your home TV in component video.

I will try to do several things here, a constantly evolving process. Demonstrations of how to do certain modifications will be shown including where to buy many of the parts. Also, oddities and just generally cool games and hardware will be displayed in the near future. And finally you'll have the chance to buy modified systems, submit your own for work or repair, or request parts to do the mods yourself.

Please feel free to contact me at dean@multimods.com with questions, comments, or just a "hello".