Turbo Grafx/Duo and PC Engine Mods for Sale

These are services I can provide for modding your system.  Please note that I have a life outside of doing this too, so turnaround times vary depending on life events, number of systems in the queue, and the actual mod you want.  If you only want region mods, then the turnaround is relatively fast.  But S-Video takes significantly more time.  So please be prepared.  I will give you an estimate on the time when you submit your order.  Thanks for understanding!

BEFORE you send your system to me, I absolutely need you to test it first.  And the test should include:

  1. System powers up with no issues
  2. System displays proper video output.
  3. System HuCard slot works with no issues.
  4. CD Drive load time is normal and doesn't sound like a cat-fight.
  5. IMPORTANT, IMPORTANT, IMPORTANT!!!!!   Game sounds AND MUSIC are normal, especially with CD games.  I can't tell you how important this is.  PLEASE check this:

            -  Sound effects work

            -  Music works well after 2 hours of play.  Yes, I said 2 HOURS of play.  Typically sound issues arise after the system warms up.

When sending a system, you do not need to send anything but the console itself as I have most connections here.  Saves a LOT on shipping.

Systems I currently mod, and the mods available for those systems (price indicates I do that mod for that system).  Please note that these prices INCLUDE SHIPPING.  Shipping is by USPS Priority mail with Delivery Confirmation and Insurance.  Out of country service is available!!

  Region Switch S-Video (includes RCA) RCA Mounts Fan
Turbo Grafx 16 $50 $95 $25 ---------
Turbo Duo (US) $50 $95 $25 $40
PC Engine Duo (Japan) $55 $95 $25 $40
PC Engine Duo-R $55 $95 $25 ---------
PC Engine Duo-RX $55 $95 $25 ---------
SuperGrafx $55 $95 $25 ---------

Combo Deals: