Turbo Grafx/Duo/PC Engine Region Modification

This does exactly what it says, allowing you to "modify" the region of your system.  Specifically this means that you can play US HuCards on a Japanese system and Japanese HuCards on a US system. 

Some important facts to know about region dependence and modification, including known issues:

  1. Aldynes - plays fine, but if you allow the system to go into Attract Mode (demo at beginning), it will freeze.
  2. Space Harrier - game apparently loads and then quickly freezes.

Systems that I currently will mod with a region switch:

Wanna see what the switch looks like on these systems?  Take a look below....

Region switch on a US Turbo Duo

Region switch (and RCA mounts) on a US Turbo Grafx-16

Region Switch on a SuperGrafx