Turbo Grafx/PC Engine Duo System Sales

UPDATED 6/5/11

I have changed the format of this page since updating the pictures takes a lot of time! Instead of keeping full descriptions of each system I will put descriptions of what is routinely available and briefly a note about the particular systems. The pictures are from representative systems and may not be the one available, but realize the systems available will be nearly identical and are fully guaranteed to work! Please feel free to contact me about system specifics though!

I modify systems on an available time basis, but I have a stock of unmodded systems such that I may be able to prepare one exactly to your specs. If you don't see what you're looking for, please feel free to ask me.


All systems have a 6 month guarantee.  I will cover all shipping and costs for the first 3 months and return shipping and repairs for the second 3 months (you pay only shipping to me those second 3 months).  You won't find a guarantee like this on eBay or anywhere else!

Region-Modded PC Engine Duo: $240 shipped

PC Engine Duo systems in good cosmetic condition (excellent overall) that can play all US and JP HuCards now in addition to all CDs and SuperCDs. Systems come with an original controller, AC, and AV.  PLEASE NOTE!!  All PCE or US Duo systems I sell now have been fully restored!  I have replaced all (50+) capacitors with new ones, I've tuned the laser, and fully tested the system.  

Sample pictures

Pic1      Pic2      Pic3

Region-Modded PC Engine Duo-R w/Violet LED: $265 shipped

Beautiful condition PC Engine DuoR (Excellent overall).  Plays all HuCards and all CDs and SCDs now. I have installed two violet LEDs in the center lens on the system that indicate that power is on. The original red LED in the middle is still visible during CD operation (sees pictures).  An original controller, AC, and AV included.

Sample pictures

Pic1      Pic2     Pic3      Pic4      Pic5      Pic6

Region-Modded and S-Video-Modded PC Engine Duo-R w/Violet LED:  $320 shipped

A PC Engine Duo-R that has been region modded so you can play both US and Japanese HuCards (and of course CDs and SCDs) without the need for an external adapter.  System outputs beautifully colorful S-Video through my hand-built encoder. Excellent overall cosmetic shape (has been thoroughly cleaned as well).  Controller is fully functional original DuoR controller and is still quite white.  Comes with original AC adapter and new 12' S-Video/stereo cables. 

Pic1      Pic2     Pic3     Pic4     Pic5

Boxed Region-Modded and S-Video-Modded PC Engine Duo-R w/Blue LED:  $365 shipped

LOADED. Beautiful system with all original DuoR AC and DuoR controller and new 12 ft. S-Video/audio cable. Plays all HuCards and CD/SCD games with the region mod. Outputs crisp and colorful S-Video. Box and system have matching serial numbers as well!

Pic1      Pic2     Pic3     Pic4     Pic5     Pic6     Pic7     Pic8     Pic9     Pic10     Pic11