Turbo Grafx/Duo Software Sales

I've got lots of this stuff.  Loose, "complete", even boxed.  Sometimes even new.  And there's enough that it's difficult to keep the list completely up-to-date.  So you know what to do.

Condition Guide:  Actually, more a set of definitions

Boxed US TurboGrafx-16 Games

Title Price (US $) Disc/HuCard Manual Case Box Other
Aero Blasters 16 NM NM VG NM
Aero Blasters 18 Sold NM M EX NM
Alien Crush 10 Sold EX/NM EX EX EX
Andre Panza's Kick Boxing 15 NM/M M M NM/M basically new
Battle Royale 12 EX VG EX EX
Blazing Lazers 20 Sold NM/M NM/M NM EX/NM
Bomberman 15 NM EX/NM EX/NM EX/NM
Bomberman 15 NM NM EX NM writing on Hu+case
Bomberman '93 35 NM NM NM EX UPC cut out
Bonk's Adventure 17 NM/M NM/M NM NM/M
Bonk's Adventure 18 M M M EX
Bonk's Revenge 18 EX EX EX G/VG sticker on back of Hu
Bonk 3 Hu 120 Sold M EX/NM EX EX/NM
Boxy Boy 10 Sold NM/M M NM NM/M
Bravoman 12 NM/M EX EX NM
Bravoman 10 NM VG EX EX/NM
Champion's Forever 16 M NM EX VG/EX
China Warrior 16 M M M NM
Cratermaze 16 Sold NM/M NM NM NM
Cyber-Core 16 Sold M NM NM NM
Davis Cup Tennis 8 NM NM NM EX
Davis Cup Tennis 8 M EX NM NM
Devil's Crush  40 Sold M M NM NM
Double Dungeons 10 Sold NM NM VG NM
Drop Off 12 Sold VG EX EX NM sticker on back of Hu
Dungeon Explorer 14 Sold M EX NM NM
Falcon 7 EX P - G no sleeve/tray
Falcon 7 NM G - EX
Final Lap Twin  8 EX VG VG G French! no styrofoam,no sleeve
Ghost Manor  25 New New New cut on front new/sealed
Last Alert 18 Sold EX VG G EX/NM CD game
Legendary Axe 10 Sold NM EX EX EX
Military Madness 35 Sold NM EX VG NM/M sticker on case
Neutopia 25 Sold EX EX VG EX sticker residue on Hu back
Neutopia 17 VG VG - EX sticker on manual
Neutopia II 45 Sold NM EX NM NM
Neutopia II 60 new new new new new/sealed!
Night Creatures 25 M M EX EX/NM
Parasol Stars 30 Sold NM EX EX NM
Power Golf 4 EX VG VG VG stickers on manual+case, no sleeve
Power Golf 5 NM NM NM EX no sleeve
Power Golf 3 VG - G G no sleeve
Psychosis 18 M M NM NM
R-Type 20 Sold NM NM EX VG/EX
TV Sports Basketball 5 NM NM EX NM no sleeve
TV Sports Basketball 4 NM EX EX EX
TV Sports Football 5 M EX/NM EX NM no sleeve
World Class Baseball 5 M EX EX EX


CD-Roms: Don't require Super System 3.0 card or Turbo Duo

Title Price (US $) Disc/HuCard Manual Case (generic CD case) Other


Super CD-Roms: Require Super System 3.0 card or Turbo Duo

Title Price (US $) Disc/HuCard Manual Case (generic CD case) Other