Building a Supergun

The question is raised on a regular basis at places like,,, etc, and there are several resources out there for doing this.  Yet for some reason it is still a mystery to many people.  So this little set of pages is for the purpose of showing step-by-step how I make a standard supergun.  Questions, comments?  Please let me know!

Before I go any further I'd like to thank all the individuals that have helped both other users and myself understand a great deal of this process.  In particular, the members at and The Supergun Repository deserve the most credit.  I'd like to specifically thank Todd Gill and Matt Ross for helping with anything they could and answering dumb questions I had. 


1.  Materials

2.  Tools

3.  Cutting the case

4.  Installing the panel mounts

5.  Wiring the controller ports

6.  A word about RGB -> NTSC encoders

7.  Closing up and testing

8.  (Custom) Controllers