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S-Video Modification

That's right folks, S-Video for our 12 year old system!  Thanks to the folks over at, especially Matt Ross and Lawrence Wright (whom many know as neogeoman from eBay and various forums), I was able to plough through all the issues and difficulties involved in not only getting S-Video out of an NEC system, but also to build the encoder from the ground up!  Below is a picture of the S-Video encoder I have made using a Sony CXA1645 chip.  It is the board on the left, next to a JROK 3.0 encoder and an 8PDT switch.  For scale, you should note that the switch is 3 inches long (!).

Here's a picture comparing the Composite output standard from the Turbo Duo with the S-Video from my encoder (on bottom).  The picture is notably sharper and also the brightness is much more "normal".  Colors don't appear washed out either.  These pictures were taken with a 2.0 MegaPixel camera, so this is very representative of what your eye will notice.  More comparison shots coming soon....


Here's one variant of the mounts I've put on a Duo for S-Video, RCA, and the region switch.  Let me tell ya, it's tight in there!


Interested in S-Video for your system?  Check the Mod Sales!