Sega Genesis/CD System Modifications

Now I do Sega Genesis mods too!  Lots of possibilities for mods and lots of variables due to all the different Genesis models out there!  All the mods are hardware mods and most require a good deal of work.  As a result, at any point in time I'm usually backed-up with 3 or more systems to work on.


US/JP Region modification
Allows for the play of both US and Japanese cartridges on the same system.  This modification does not effect the play of CDs or SCDs (which are region dependent and therefore require a separate modification).
50/60 Hz Modification
Basically this mod fools your Genesis into thinking that it's either an NTSC system or a PAL system.  Allows for the play of Mega Drive carts on a normally region locked system. 
Addition of S-Video output for your system.  Significantly improved video through the S-Video standard as the Genesis composite video is utter trash.
RCA mounts
Stereo and composite video RCA-style mounts are added to your system.  No more need for the proprietary Genesis cables!
Installation of a very small yet powerful fan in the AV port of Turbo/PCE Duo systems.  Offers significant cooling to the large heatsinks in the Duo that are the likely cause of audio degradation in these systems.
Slap an LED on the system for power on!  Or whatever!